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We provide Paralegal Services including document preparation and filings in legal matters for Litigation, Divorce, Incorporation, Living Trusts/Wills, and more.  We also provide Litigation Support Services including Deposition Officer, Attorney Trial Assistance, and Mobile Notary.  Contact us to learn more.

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Vash Legal Services can help with Uncontested Divorce or Legal Separation for those couples that can resolve their own asset and debt division and child custody and visitation issues. Our starting fees to prepare all of your divorce or legal separation documents is $550.00 if there are minor children, or $475.00 if there are no minor children. Other fees associated with divorce or separation is a filing fee for the court of $435.00 and a filing service fee of $50.00. The preparation fee for Vash Services to prepare the documents is due up front. The filing fee for the court is not due up front; it is due as soon as you are ready to file with the court. The Court only accepts cash, check or money order for their fees.  Give us a call today and see how we can help you.

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Vash Legal Services helps assist in setting up your Corporation or LLC by preparing your Company Articles and corporation filings, and file them with the Secretary of State.  We also provide sample Bylaws and Minutes and other forms.  Our fee to prepare your business documents is $375, plus the filing fees required by the State of $115 for Inc., $85 for LLC.



Vash Legal Services assists with preparing Living Trusts and Wills.  Living Trusts is a way to make sure your estate goes to who you intend it to without the expense of going through Probate. Our starting fee for preparing a Single Living Trust starts at $475 or $575 for a Joint Living Trust.  Give us a call now.

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Vash Legal Services also provides notary services, including mobile notary where we will travel to you to any offsite location including hospitals, care homes, etc. for an additional fee starting at $20 for within Solano County.  Additional mileage depending on location outside of Solano County.  Notary fee is $15 per signature.  Contact us now to book an appointment for your notarization needs.



Vash Legal Services has over 25 years experience in litigation support/paralegal services.  The litigation support services we offer are deposition summaries; document reviews; cite checking/exhibit assembly/filing assistance with Courts; trial preparation assistance (trial exhibits & exhibit lists, motions in limine filings; coordination of warroom, trial technician and equipment) and document transcription services.  Contact us for pricing quotes.

Need a Deposition Officer to list on your subpoenas?  Vash Legal Services is a Licensed and Bonded Professional Photocopier.  Contact us to learn more


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  • Are Vash Legal Services attorneys? No, we are not attorneys. We are Legal Document Assistants. In California, we are a licensed and bonded profession.

  • What if I need legal advise? You can always consult with an attorney of your choice. We can provide referrals for excellent attorneys who specialize in cases similar to yours if you have questions we cannot answer for you, or your situation is more complicated than our services are meant to help with.

  • Do you have a Notary Public? Yes.  If you are a Vash Legal Services client, all Notarization of your documents are included in our fees. If you have documents not prepared by Vash Legal Services, we charge per signature you need notarized and provide mobile notary services as well.  You must sign the document in our presence and provide valid photo identification.

  • Payment methods.  We accept cash, money order or credit cards.  Credit card payment will incur an additional service fee.    

  • I need to have my documents prepared immediately. Do you have Rush or Same-Day document preparation services? Yes, we can prepare certain documents on a rush basis. A modest Rush Fees will apply to these services.



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